To revert to a previous state you can follow these instructions:


1)In NoteCaddy, right click on any Note Definition, choose “open containing folder”.
2)Close HM2.
3)Delete the files in this folder, but DO NOT delete all of the backup folders. (you can delete some older backup folders that you don’t need anymore)
4)Grab the definitions from a backup folder that you want to use, and place them into the folder that you deleted the files from.
5)Grab the colordefinitions.xml file from the folder you just placed the definitions into, and place it up one directory into:  C:\Users\**your pc name**\AppData\Roaming\HoldemManager.  Choose yes to replace the file.
6)Start HM2, and reset and reprocess your notes.

If instead you wanted to just delete NCE 3.0 note definitions in NoteCaddy, they have the prefixes of “(I)” and “(II)” in them. You can highlight them with shift-click and right-click on one of them and choose “Make Inactive”.

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