The most common solution to this is to reset and reprocess your notes.  NoteCaddy needs to create the notes for your database of hands.

Here’s a helpful link:

Problem remains?  There could be multiple scenarios to troubleshoot in this case, here are the most common solutions:

1)It could happen if NoteCaddy -> File -> Filters has some filters set which are excluding notes from being taken. If you change the filters, you will want to reset and reprocess your notes for it to take effect on previously processed hands.

2)It could also happen if you do not actually have the hands in your database. For instance if you purged the hands from your database, HM2 will still show stats, but NoteCaddy does not have the hands to create notes from. If this is the case, I would suggest to create a new database in HM2 and import the hands you want from your C:\HM2Archive directory. Once your hands are imported NoteCaddy should process your notes, and you should see the stats appearing.

3)Another reason could be that your filters in HM2 and NoteCaddy don’t match up. They work independently from each other.. meaning that HM2 filters don’t apply to NoteCaddy stats and vice versa. This link is helpful to help resolve that…at-values.ashx. If you only need to change your HM2 filters, and it solves the issue, that is the best case scenario for you, because it doesn’t require a reset of your notes.

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