NoteCaddy Edge 3.0 Badges Explained

NoteCaddy Edge 3.0 comes with its intuitive Combo Badge System.  They’re able to display many different situations for each single Badge.

NCE’s Combo Badges have Red, Yellow, and Green boxes at the top of them.
Red = Low
Yellow = Normal
Green = High
If a top Combo box is Black, it means that a sample has not happened yet for that situation.

Click on a Badge Icon below to bring up its description:



NCE Cash 3.0 PRO contains all of the above Combo Badges.


NCE Cash 3.0 and the Trial contain only the Combo Badges below:



Badges automatically won’t show on PokerStars/Full Tilt live tables to comply with their rules. They will still show in the HM2 replayer for PokerStars/Full Tilt hands.  Every other site which is compatible with HoldemManager2 shows badges at their live tables.