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NoteCaddy Edge 3.0 Cash

  • 1250+ customizable NoteCaddy Note Definitions
  • Smaller, yet effective HUDs showing fundamental stats
  • Popup stats are grouped into more broad positional situations
    Useful with smaller sample sizes
  • 6 of the most vital NCE Combo Badges
  • Less PC resource intensive. Easy to run on most computers
  • Videos and documentation to help you get accustomed
  • Free updates for life
  • Always FREE support

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NoteCaddy Edge 3.0 Cash Pro

  • 1900+ customizable NoteCaddy Note Definitions
  • Advanced PRO HUDs which show many important stats in a neat fashion
  • Popup stats are grouped into specific positional situations
    Most useful for large sample sizes
  • 20 NCE Combo Badges
  • More PC resource intensive, but not enough to give most PC's trouble
  • Videos and documentation to help you get accustomed
  • Free updates for life
  • Always FREE Support

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What exactly does NCE 3.0 Cash include?


3Bet Caller IP, 3Bet Caller OOP, 3Bettor IP, 3Bettor OOP, Limp/Fish, Preflop, SRP Caller IP, SRP Caller OOP, SRP Raiser OOP, SRP Raiser IP, SRP RiverBet IP, SRP RiverBet OOP, SRP Caller IP BBvSB

HUDs, 6 Combo Badges

What exactly does NCE 3.0 Cash PRO include?


Limp/Fish, Preflop, SRP RiverBet IP, SRP RiverBet OOP, 3.0 SRP Caller IP BBvSB, PRO 3Bet Caller IP, PRO 3Bet Caller OOP, PRO 3Bettor IP, PRO 3Bettor OOP, PRO SRP Caller IP, PRO SRP Caller OOP, PRO SRP Raiser IP, PRO SRP Raiser OOP

PRO HUDs, 20 Combo Badges

If I purchase NCE 3.0 PRO, can I also get access to NCE 3.0?

Yes, if you purchase 3.0 PRO you can also get NCE 3.0 at no extra charge by request. Just send us a message and we will enter you in for it.

What kind of support can I expect using NCE 3.0?

When you download it you'll get a video which explains how to install it and configure it. It takes just a few minutes. Then you get series of videos explaining you how to use it in an effective way.

If you have any problems just contact us via email or skype.

We pride ourselves on our support. We think customer service is very important. You should expect top-notch customer service from us at all times.

Does it work for PokerStars?

Yes, it does. The HUDs and Popups work there. The Badges will work in the replayer, but not in at their live tables due their rules. You'll have one of the best setups possible at PokerStars with NCE 3.0.

What kind of PC requirements do I need?

It depends on many factors, but to be safe we would recommend a quad core CPU, a SSD with Windows, HM2, and PostgreSQL installed on it, and 8+GB RAM.

How many computers can I use it on?

You can use it on 2 computers. Both computers must share the same HM2 License Key.

Can I edit the HUDs, Popups, and Badges? Can I use them with my own configurations?

Yes everything is fully editable. You can modify definitions and create new definitions from them. You can edit the Popups, and use them on your own HUD if you wish. You can use your own Popups on the NCE HUDs if you like. You can add to or edit the NCE HUDs. You can use the Badges on your own HUD.

Can I stop using NCE 3.0 any time?

Sure you can stop using it whenever you like. Inside NoteCaddy you can deactivate any of the NCE 3.0 definitions. If you have purchased a subscription you can cancel it anytime in your Account section.

Can I get a refund if I stop using the package?

Yes, you can get a refund if you request it within 14 days after making your first payment. Just send a message to support and we'll process it quickly, no questions asked.


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