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One of the best Polish Cash Game players currently playing mostly live poker up to NL40,000, throughout the world. coach with more than 80 videos created, Co-Founder of, a staking project and Co-Founder of
Known for turning from NL200 into High Stakes player in 12 months and making $100,000 in 60 days playing online, more than €110,000 in his first month playing live poker, his eagerness to try new things and weak spot for fine food. Complete freak when it comes to using stats in his poker game (cries at night because he can't use his popups in live poker).

Robert Stelmach aka HahaUnaab

Professional poker player, coach, streamer, and author. He’s been a consistent winner for over a decade in the online cash games, currently playing 200NL on 888poker. He’s created educational videos for CardRunners, DeucesCracked, Red Chip Poker, and Hold’em Manager. Check out his weekly poker strategy blog called Poker in a Box.

Mike Gano

High Stakes Pro based in Italy. Knows the importance of advanced stats usage. Against the tide, he said: 'F&*k off, GTO' and started making more money playing poker than ever. A wanderlust and the biggest fan of his life, he definitely can't stand missing any opportunity to experience something new and unique.


The Real NL Holdem Veteran. The last 4 years he has been playing 6-max tables up to NL2000. Always emphasized clear and effective HUDs in his game. Big fan of NoteCaddy from the beginning of its existence, created many coaching videos on NC for


Mateusz is a 22 years old pro who plays full-time for 3 years and, for the most part, he spent his time playing 500NL Zoom. Nowadays, he mixes 200NL Zoom with 2/4 and 3/6 regular tables with excellent results. Once he found out NoteCaddy Edge, he realized infinite possibilites of exploiting his opponents' leaks with advanced usage of the stats and improved his own game by eliminating leaks he discovered with NCE.



Professional player since 2008, dedicated poker coach at MyPokerCoaching and author of weekly strategy videos and articles! A player who played and won in all different kind of games around the clock - live tournaments, online MTT, SNG and currently crushing 6max cash games online for a living.