Just wanted to give my appreciation to those guys.

I definitely got impressed by generosity of those guys, they definitely care to help people out.

So basically thank you guys.

Lwallet (twoplustwo member)

I'm loving this package and also wanted to say how impressed I am with nostrakhan's support. He was most helpful over skype and even changed a couple of the badge colours for me so that all that related to 3bets had a diagonal colour division.

I was also incredibly impressed that he emailed to let me know to roll back my version of Notecaddy due to a problem with it (the program not his definitions). That saved me potentially making mistakes. Keep up the good work ?

Rhibee (twoplustwo member)

I can say that nostra is a detail oriented, quality individual who never settles for mediocrity.

PS I am the NC developer

SretiCentv (Developer of NoteCaddy)

I recently purchased this software and, as all middle aged men do, stuffed up the installation. The promptness of Nostrakhan's customer service and its efficiency is unparelleled in my experience and I thank him for it, Cheers, Matter

matter17 (twoplustwo member)

Have only implemented a few defs so far since i had a fairly large library of definitions previously. But the package is pretty much a steal at this price and Nostra is incredibly quick and helpful if you have any issues. Thoroughly recommend.

ponytlad (twoplustwo member)

I just purchased this the other day, and have to say that i am very happy with it. I had tried NCA before this, but just felt like there was a lack of support. I didn't like that the definitions were locked, and it was a bit of a hassle trying to find current updates, etc. NCA introduced me to what was possible with Notecaddy, but the NCE package is a step up in my opinion.

They have done a great job with the badges,popups, and documentation, and so far just in the couple times i contacted them with questions, the support has been top notch. When i purchased i had a quick question about installation on Skype, and he offered to install the package for me at no charge.

i definitely recommend checking this out.

Goathair (twoplustwo member)

I really have to take the time out to say that NOTECADDYEDGE is an amazing product. all of the definitions are easy to grasp while in the heat of the moment ESPECIALLY while multi tabling. I'm just a microstakes grinder and i find it to be the best $ ive spent to date. On top of it being a TOP NOTCH program the customer service is ABOVE and BEYOND what you would expect. Nostrakhan,which i believe is the co-creator spent hrs with me through skype and teamviewer helping get set up optimally. truely a class A gentlemen. im basically a computer idiot and he just took over and made sure i was 100% satisfied and understood all aspects of the program. THANK YOU NCedge

hankwhite69 (twoplustwo member)

Bought NCE about a month ago and since I was new to HEM2, NoteCaddy and NoteCaddyEdge (NCE), I had a lot of things to get used to.

What I thought would be a 6 months kind of things to get used to all those new features was in fact very easy. Everything is very well done and there are instructions in the package for everything. Once in a while I have a question and nostrakhan is always available on skype to give a hand.

Just a few minutes ago, I wanted to add a new feature (I won't go into details but basically I wanted to a badge to show up if people slowplay or play their good hands fast) and I wasn't sure how to do it. Well nostrakhan proposed to do it himself with teamviewer, I sat back and relax and 10 minutes after it was all done and working. Don't think you can beat that support.

Anyway, you should just go for it, 99$ is a joke and I shouldn't be making that review because I'm just hurting my bottomline but whatever, nostrakhan is doing a fantastic job and he deserves props.

babar86 (twoplustwo member) support question to the forum was answered the same day, so at the moment support is excellent.

Installation was a breeze, there's very detailed instructions on how to install the package, depending on the size of your HM database you can be up and running within the hour.

As I said before this is a truly awesome professional package, very well presented and put together. I think at the time of writing this, the price is still $99 so if you need to improve your game this would be the best $99 you could spend.

Truly awesome and I love it, well done Nostrakhan and I wish you every success in your venture.

Denetomtom (twoplustwo member)

Id just like to say I'd highly recommend this product (and I already have to several fellow pros!). I'd already purchased Notecaddy Advantage but find the flexibility and support on this product from nostrakhan far superior to NCA so Ive opted to use this instead, even though I paid 8x as much for NCA!!

Although Im far from using this product to its full potential, which would give you a scarily big edge, its already more than paid for itself with a couple of light jams when that lovely Fold to 5bet badge shows

So all in all a great product with new definitions and badges arriving every time I check my inbox it seems. Keep up the good work nostrakhan and lets crush these regs with their array of badges (Im just glad most dont have this and cant see my numerous leaks!!)

TheRuffian (twoplustwo member)

I've been using NCE since mid June or so. I was a winner before that to around 7evbb, and now I'm winnning at around 15evbb, probably a little more.
It's not only due to NCE, which being conservative I think it has given me around 5bb difference. I have improved my game a lot lately, but that's my estimation for the advantage I have using NCE against 95% regs who don't.
He told me people here think it's not useful for mid/high stakes. I don't know about high stakes but in mid stakes it's extremely useful if you have enough sample, and buying datamined hh's you can have it.
There's one thing for sure: you have to put a lot of time on it, if during a hand you are used to look at a certain 2-3 stats for a given situation, maybe with notecaddy you could be looking at much more. So it's a proccess like learning to drive, where your mind has to get used to it, and if suddenly it finds so much information it's going to be overwhelming and counterproductive.
So my suggestion is to begin to incorporate it step by step to your game, trying to see what's more useful, what's not, and dismissing that which is not too helpful or needs a huge sample to work.
I think I have mastered a little bit this process, and now my mind knows better what information to look for and where. Again, it's like learning to drive, at first you have to be aware of everything, then after a couple months you can be even eating your Big Mac and drinking your soda on your car while driving (very American). Here it's the same, it requires a little effort and practice.

Ramitilted (twoplustwo member)

I bought this 3 weeks ago and it's excellent. Also good service with the updates for new badges.

The package comes with good documentation which is REALLY important because although NC is very powerful, composing and testing new definitions is very time consuming, and often produce results you don't quite expect. For me it's also a huge benefit that you can customise and adapt Nostrakhan's badges and I think most good players will want to adapt some of the badges based on their own style of play.

tagWAG (twoplustwo member)

I asked Nostrakhan about this, and he was really kind and helpful. He ended up jumping on my computer helping me with the setup. A service can't get any better than that. I am not sure how the service will become when NCE is getting more popular, but I can almost guarantee, that they will do their best to make all customers satisfied.

MomWasRight (twoplustwo member)

Adjustments allowed & No Blind Level Restrictions!!: The very first thing I noticed with this compared to Notecaddy Advantage was it was not set to specific blind levels with modifications to the presets allowed!!.. This was REALLY a game changer for me.

I would say this is out of the box software for a ton of players especially 200nl and down. I think MANY players would understand how to exploit better just reading thru all the badges and defs and then actively trying to use the strategies in them. Might have some light bulb, "Ah Hah!" moments.

I would recommend this package and again I have no incentive to do or not recommend this package. This is not something that was sloppily thrown together. Note caddy is just OK but, this package makes it on steroids. The foundation it sets is well worth the price and I'd be burning money to re-create what they did for personal use compared to the time saved.

NthingToLose (twoplustwo member)

Again, thanks for the fantastic level of support you provide with this package, it's amazing how much it has evolved in the two weeks or so since I got it.

Finn (twoplustwo member)